Wednesday, May 1, 2013

L’oreal Nail Color in Macaroon Me Madly

L’oreal Nail Color in Macaroon Me Madly

L’oreal Macaroon Me Madly is a limited edition nail polish from the Versailles Romance collection for Spring 2013. It is a light pinky peach with gold shimmer throughout in the bottle, however no shimmer is visible on the nail. This was opaque in two coats and wore for four days without chipping or peeling. It’s similar to Essie’s A Crewed Interest, but Macaroon Me Madly is less pastel and more of a true peach. 

I think the color of this is absolutely gorgeous for Spring going into Summer. It’s pastel without being too light and bright without being neon. Absolutely fantastic formula, and I love the brush on these new L’oreal polishes. I will say that it can be a touch streaky, but so long as you work in medium-thick, even coats, you should be fine.

Rating: A. Beautiful color and an impeccable formula. I’m falling more and more in love with L’oreal nail polishes these days!

Where to buy: Drugstores, $5.99

P.S. How precious is Luna? I swear when I have a camera in my hands I can’t help myself. She’s too pretty to be a thirteen year old cat! When I asked, she said that she likes getting tons of beauty sleep as well as eating plenty of catnip to keep wrinkles at bay. ;)


  1. I REALLY want this nail polish! It's gorgeous on your nails plus if it doesn't chip easily - EXTRA bonus!

    1. Girl, you need it! :) The only place I've seen this collection is at our Target!